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    • Caterpillar G3406 SITA SCAC 240kW Sta...
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    • Factory Cat Remanufactured D399B PCTA...
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    • 4P-5459 4P5459 GEAR AS-BALANCER
    • Caterpillar G3406SI TALC SCAC Industr...
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    • Kato 1050kW 1200 RPM 600 Volt Double ...
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    • Kato 1050kW 1200 RPM Double Bearing B...
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    • Caterpillar 3512 SR4 SCR 1025kW 1200...
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    • Electric Machine 1050kW 1200 RPM 600 ...
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    • Kato 250kW Single Bearing Continuous ...
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About S&W Power Systems

Keeping the World Running

When the power fails, get back to business faster with S&W Power Systems. As a trusted resource in the oil industry, we specialize in getting your power equipment back up and running quickly.

Find reliable specialized oil, agricultural or industrial equipment, and hard-to-find replacement parts at competitive prices from the folks who understand the demands of the job. We re-condition and re-manufacture most makes of diesel and natural gas engines, power units, generator sets, and industrial components. Our expert technicians will swiftly provide you the part or service you need to help you stay on schedule.

We have served the oil, gas, agricultural, construction and transportation industries throughout Oklahoma and around the world since 1963.

Our products keep the world running.

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